This calibrator is used for calibrating the sensitivity of a differential pressure detection type air leak tester. The
pressure deformation, including the work’s inside measurement, and the differential pressure detection part in
the circuit, cause the leak rester’s indicating pressure point against the detective differential pressure to be
changed. To check this by calibration, there is a way of using the throttle valve, in which the leakage is distinct,
etc. But, it canot reproduce the stable and minor leak.

On the other hand, this leak calibrator has structure that changes the capacity by a fixed quantity in the
measuring circuit. If you take the testing pressure into consideration, you can regard the measure of capacity
changed that have been given as the actual leak, by operating this calibrator while it is being used for
measurement. And, we can check the sensitivity of the tester’s differential pressure from the indicating point
of the differential pressure at that time.