Products of CASTEC, a custom-made manufacturing company for core pins and inserts, have now launched in Thailand

COSMOWAVE TECHNOLOGY manufactures and sells leak inspection machines (air leak testers) and waveform analysis machines in Thailand. As the Thai authorized distributor of core pins and inserts for die-cast molds and sprue cores / bushes manufactured by CASTEC Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture), the company sells them in Thailand.

All CASTEC products are custom-made and of high quality. Since its founding in 1937, the company has been responding to the diverse requests of its customers with the experience and technology cultivated through die casting and state-of-the-art equipment.

■ CASTEC’s technology
① High-precision cooling hole
② Complex shape
③ Processing of difficult-to-cut materials
④ Combination of various surface treatments


Features of CASTEC products (core pins, inserts, sprue cores / bushes)

Core Pins


Core pins Castec

■ It is possible to manufacture pins of various sizes and lengths, from small pins for watches to large pins for transmissions and 1m long pins
■ High-precision processing of steel whose dimensions change when heat is applied and processing that involves multiple types of surface treatment.




▲ (From left) Water jacket, bore pin, insert for valve body, insert for transmission


It is possible to manufacture inserts according to complex shapes and applications.
■ Insert for engine block (water jacket, bore pin)
■ Insert for valve body
■ Insert for transmission

Engine Block, Valve body, Transmission sample

▲ (From left) Sample of engine block, valve body, transmission


Sprue Cores / Bushes


Sprue Cores / Bushes

■ Has a dedicated processing line that enables complete customization
■ Manufacturable range φ300 × L300
■ Various cooling structures and runners can be processed (pressure leak inspection guaranteed at 0.6 MPa)



“COSMOWAVE TECHNOLOGY is the only authorized distributor of CASTEC’s core pins, inserts, and sprue cores / bushes in Thailand. We will respond to your inquiries and requests promptly. You can contact us in Japanese, English or Thai.”


▲ Mr. Winai Chaikate / General Manager (left), Ms. Pakinee Dampholngam / Sales Representative (right)